After-Abortion Support

Troubled by a past abortion?  We can help.

Abortion without a doubt, can be one of the most traumatic experiences in a person's life.  The loss of pregnancy through abortion may be far in your past, but the memories remain.  You, the father of the baby, or other family members may feel like emotions are leaving you lifeless.  You may feel that your days of dancing across the room or kicking up your heels are far behind you.  You may feel alone, but you're not!  We specialize in coming alongside you and walking with you through the stress or sadness you may experience following an abortion.  We know that in many cases, the pain of loss may initially be buried.  We've seen abortion trauma surface in relationship difficulties, depression, or even manifest through physical, psychological, or spiritual problems.

After Abortion Hope is here to reach out to men, women, siblings, grandparents, or anyone else who might be hurting in some way after an abortion.  We acknowledge that this pain may not be recognized by other family members, friends, or by society.  But, we KNOW your emotions exist, and we're here to help.


So, what is post-abortion stress/trauma?


PAS/T is a condition which can occur in both men and women after the abortion experience, due to unresolved psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects.  Family members may also be affected.  Symptoms are similar to those in any post-traumatic stress disorder.  Each person affected needs to work through their own thoughts and feelings concerning the pregnancy and abortion.  The goal is to come to peace with yourself and those involved in the abortion decision-making process and ultimate loss of the baby's life.  Granted, some men/women are better equipped to deal with the aftermath of an abortion, but EVERYONE is changed by it!  As one woman shared, "I was never the same!"

Symptoms of PAS/T may not appear all at once, nor will each women/man possess all of them.  If you find that you experience between 5-7 of the emotions listed following an abortion, you might consider seeking help for post-abortion stress/trauma.  Note that sometimes these symptoms happen immediately and sometimes these symptoms may not surface for 5-20 years following the procedure.

Symptoms of Post-Abortion Stress

If you've experienced an abortion, your life may have changed in the ways listed below.  We can help.

  • eating disorders

  • withdrawn behavior

  • loss of normal sources of pleasure
  • failure to bond with other children
  • self-punishing or self-degrading behavior
  • suicidal impulses
  • tolerance of abusive relationships
  • desire for replacement child
  • promiscuity or frigidity
  • overwhelming sadness or crying at certain times
  • avoidance of baby reminders (baby showers or stores, etc.)
  • sleep disturbances

  • depression

  • attempts to "numb" through alcohol & drug use

  • changes in relationships or marriages (70% of relationships or marriages break up within one year of an abortion; 90% within five years)

  • drive to prove financial or other type of success

  • control issues

  • secretive

  • difficulty in all types of intimacy

  • reduced motivation

  • abusive behavior

We can help.  All services are free and confidential.

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